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Educational blog from Canatella Dental Dr. Canatella has created this informative blog to help educate the community.

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Regularly Sanitizing Your Toothbrush - A Key Step in Oral Health

Posted on 6/15/2024 by Cantella Dental
In the realm of oral hygiene, we often focus on brushing and flossing diligently, but we sometimes overlook the importance of keeping our tools clean. Just like any other item we use on a daily basis, toothbrushes can accumulate bacteria and other microorganisms over time. This is why regularly...

Four Reasons You Have Bad Breath

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Cantella Dental
Do you find yourself reaching for mints more often lately? Are you hesitant to get too close when talking to others? You might be surprised to learn that bad breath , also known as halitosis, affects a large percentage of the population. While it's often not a serious medical concern, bad breath...

Common Myths About Kid Teeth

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Cantella Dental
There is so much misinformation surrounding dental health for children. As parents, it is necessary to separate myths from facts so that we know best how to help our little ones develop healthy, happy smiles for the years to come. Let us get to the bottom of some common myths about kid teeth....

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