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3D rendered xray of a skull with the TMJ highlightedTemporomandibular disorders (TMD) are ailments that occur when the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are impacted. The TMJ is located near your ears, and connects the lower jaw to your skull. These are very important joints because they allow you to perform vital functions such as speaking, eating and swallowing of food. The smooth working of the TMJ is important, and any issues can cause you several health conditions. For instance, when you have TMD, you might experience jaw pain, headaches, and pain to your neck muscles. These can cause you unnecessary discomfort. At Canatella Dental we have efficient techniques that can help you get over TMD.

What Are the Symptoms?

When you have TMD there are signs that should point to you that you should seek dental care. The most common sign is a pain in your jaw muscle and jawbone. You will have trouble opening your mouth as a result. You will also have difficulty chewing food because of the discomfort you will be feeling.

With TMD, you may have a persistent headache. It is important to seek immediate medical attention. Failure to do so can impact your overall wellbeing because you will be unable to sleep and undertake daily activities.

Locking of the TMJ, which makes it difficult to open and close your mouth, is another symptom. Therefore, you might have difficulty speaking, which might cause you emotional distress.

What Are the Remedies?

The first thing you should do is come to our clinic for a clinical examination. There are evaluations that our dentists can undertake to determine whether you have TMD. Once it is confirmed that you have TMD, our dentists can begin corrective procedures.

One remedy our dentists can undertake is giving you a nightguard. TMD can be caused by excessive clenching and grinding of teeth which is commonly referred to as bruxism. A night guard can help you avoid the grinding of teeth while you sleep. Once you have stopped the grinding of teeth at night, you will be a step closer to treating the condition.

The next step involves taking care of lifestyle habits that could have caused the TMD to begin. This involves habits such as excessive chewing of gum and chewing hard items such as pen caps and plastic items. These activities put extra strain on your TMJ and gums, resulting in pain and discomfort. Once you stop these habits you can be sure that you have started the process of stopping TMD from disrupting your life.

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TMD is a serious dental condition that can significantly impact your oral and overall health. It is therefore vital that you find dental assistance that will guarantee you effective treatment. Our dentists at Canatella Dental have the necessary expertise that will help you correct the disorder. You can call us at (504) 269-3486 to find effective treatments that will help you lead a fulfilling life.

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TMJ Specialist New Orleans | Serving Lakeview, West End, Metairie & Bucktown
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